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Ruiyi Tech boasts a complete and perfect R&D group, a pilot team and a production team. The company also has two R&D centers, two pilot plants and a large-scale production base, all of which are completely equipped.

Ruiyi¡¯s R&D group, composing of 2 Phds , 5 masters and 30  bachelors majored in chemistry has long been engaging in R&D of pharmaceutical intermediates. The pilot team consists 1 master and 12 bachelor and focuses on the optimization and improvement of production technique. The production team is composed of experienced engineers and supporting technicians who can install special equipments and accessories in a short time so as to complete the industrializing process.

There is effective cooperation among all Ruiyi¡¯s groups. It is always Ruiyi¡¯s aim to provide the best services to our clients.

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