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A summer trip to Ningbo Xuedou Mountain
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At 8:00 on August 24, 2013, all the employees Shanghai Ruyi and some of their family members were on the bus destined for Ningbo, Zhejiang, and began a memorable summer trip.

Upon arriving Xuedou Mountain, we visited the mysterious Sanyintan Waterfall Group, which was like a secluded orchid in a deserted Valley and hid its stunning beauty in the deep ravine. We gazed straight up into the majestic Qianzhangyan waterfalls which were dashing down from upper air. In the evening, we had tasty delicacies at Ningbo Seafood Street in the night, and everyone had enjoyed a good seafood feast.

In the next day, we arrived at the Sand Sculpture Bathing Beach in Zhujiajian. The sunlight, sand beach and sea let us taste the fun of marine tourism.

This trip has left a very deep impression on everyone. It allows us to appreciate the family love and care beyond work, and realize that Ruiyi is a harmonious team and a warm family.

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