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  A fresh breeze was blowing and trees shade the road. On Aug.22nd ,Some staffs and their family members travelled to Anji known as China’s bamboo hometown. Our summer vocation started!

  During the two-day journey, we visited the Zhongnan Baicao Garden characterized with baicao ( a kind of medicinal plant), Secondary forest vegetation, various animals and plants as well as landscape scenery; after that we came to Dahan Seventy-second mountain,. We can appreciate beautiful scenery with flourish trees, crystalline mountain streams, butterfly flying around flowers , we can also hear the singing of cicadas. How wonderful it is to feel the fresh breeze! Besides of appreciating the landscape, we also participate the lotus mountain drifting known as the best drifting in Tianhuangping. It is so exciting to do the drifting with lots of turns and twists.

  During the whole journey, we took photos together to conserve the beautiful view and joyful time. This journey relaxed our work pressure and promote interactions and communications among us .Moreover, all of us had felt the enterprising atmosphere of Ruiyi. This journey took a happy end.

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