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CPHI Japan 2015 [2015-2-5]
A Leisurely Trip to Gulangyu in Xiamen [2014-9-1]
Ruiyi Tech has successfully exhibited at 2014 CPHI Shanghai [2014-7-1]
CPHI Worldwide-China 2014 Booth E3A22 [2014-3-13]
A summer trip to Ningbo Xuedou Mountain [2013-8-30]
CPHI-Frankfurt, Germany,2013 [2013-8-27]
Ruiyi Tech has successfully exhibited at 2013 CPHI Shanghai [2013-7-2]
CPHI Worldwide-China 2013 Booth W2A40 [2013-4-8]
New Year Gala and 2012 Commendatory Meeting of the Company held grandly [2013-2-22]
Ruiyi Tech has successfully exhibited at CPHI Shanghai [2012-7-4]
Huangshan Moutain Travel notes - remember the travel of Shanghai Ruiyi Tech. [2012-6-20]
Warmly welcome BASF to visit the factory [2012-3-23]
2012CPHI-Madrid, Spain [2012-2-20]
CPHI Worldwide-China 2012 Booth W2G36 [2012-1-5]
Mr. Xue Song was invited to attend the opening ceremony of Global Entrepreneurship Week (China) [2011-11-20]
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